After 20 years in the music and film industry, Marcella Korshak began her jewelry designing under difficult circumstances. Having had a run in with a 110 lb german shepherd literally while running around 18 years ago, she spent 2 years in and out of hospital having spine surgeries with minimal success. Having worked as a screenwriter for the prior 10 years, the accident forced her into early retirement in that field. with all the free time on her hands she started making jewelry as a hobby. she placed her pieces with a local jewelry store on consignment and the jewelry design line took off. Stylists working for the film and tv business as well as personal stylists to the stars all began buying it immediately. from brittany spears to elizabeth taylor flocked to her designs. Cella doesn't give her jewelry free to movie stars as she has also felt they could buy anything they want and if they get it for free, they won't appreciate it's value. There is a listing of whatever stars we know about on this website.

For example, all the girls from sex in the city own a piece of Cella designs as do princesses from Spain, Saudi Arabia and Greece, there are also us congresswomen and senators. her pieces have also been worn by A-list stars at the academy awards and the grammy's. Cella was even chosen as the only designer for the xmas gifts for all the female employees at MTV. She is and has been a designer for neiman marcus for over 15 years with a very loyal clientele. There are over 30 magazines from the biggest US magazines including in style, US and People etc. as well other magazines in countries such as England, Germany, Japan. Cella has never used a publicist or marketing company to sell her designs; the jewelry has sold itself.
Aside from Cella's work in film and music, she has spent her life studying the arts. she was an avid painter of still lifes in oil paint, a watercolorist, a potter, and a interior designer. last but not least she worked as a chef for 5 years while trying to get her writing career off the ground. she worked in many different settings, from baby showers, to weddings, to film premieres for 3000 people, and finally as head chef in a restaurant. after all the different careers she had, jewelry designs fulfilled her creative juices better than all the rest put together. besides, she's her best customer!!!
Anne Bancroft once told her: "your jewelry is the most beautiful jewelry i have ever seen in a living designer" at first cella didin't understand her meaning until she explained she only bought antique jewelry. cella later said: i found it a great compliment since the main focus of my design is as heirloom jewelry, not trendy, meant to be passed down from mother to daughter, or daughter who will someday give it to her girls when she has them.